Klodetta represents a series of photographs of my wife Masha Falaleeva. The works emphasis, is based on experimenting with the Halftone pixelated process to create fine art Print based Portraiture. I first became familiar with Halftone as a mass printing technique by looking under a magnifying glass at newspaper photographs and 1970’s book covers and illustrations. AfterContinue reading “Klodetta.”

Skylark. Cork International Choral Festival Commissioned Artist (Etching edition) 2009.

Later Sketches, 2005 is a selection of pages from varies art college sketchbooks. I have call them ‘later sketches’ in response to work that has been created in 2009/2010 such as Hammers, Sniper and other photo negative drawings…these works would have been born out of initial ideas and experiments which where developed in these Sketchbooks.