A Radical Plot Artist residency IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art)

Memory Anthem Flags

July-September 2021

In the summer of 2021 Sean Hanrahan participated in IMMA’s A Radical Plot Residency, offering Hanrahan a platform to fully immerse himself in the histories, folklore, nature, and politics of a location that houses two organisations, IMMA & the OPW. Working and living within this dual function Hanrahan responded with Memory Anthem, a contemporary interpretation of a 32-point star motif inspired by the headstones in Bully’s Acre. In Memory Anthem the star motif symbolises community, spirituality and the generational human cycle of activity of the IMMA/RHK site. An impression taken from a headstone was adapted for a print which was then represented as a handmade flag for a larger project presented on the west avenue of the site. Inspired by this evolving experience of the site and to celebrate our 30th Birthday, IMMA has commissioned 30 of these prints as a limited edition.

An exhibition of Masters and student
graphic work from Belarus

Curated by Séan Hanrahan & Roman Sustov 12 October – 02 November 2018

Preview 11 October 6pmStudio 12, Backwater Artists Group, Wandesford Quay, CorkTuesday – Friday 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm

Visiting artist talk by Roman Sustov, Saturday 13th Oct @1pm Studio 12 Backwater Artist Studios Link to exhibition

More information to follow on SOP ‘The State of Print’ an ongoing project for 2018



The Point of no Return

As part of


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Sean Hanrahan Point of no Return CHF


In The Shadow of Half Face


April 28th – May 20th 2017 CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery and Elizabeth Fort, Cork City.

An exhibition of work by members of Backwater Artists Group curated by Helen Farrell.

Participating artists:

CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery – Éilis Ni Fhaoláin, Helen Horgan, Róisín Lewis, Megan and Cassandra Eustace, Ben Reilly, John Kent, Luke Sisk, Elizabeth Fort – Johnny Bugler, Angie Shanahan, Tracy White Fitzgerald, Elaine Coakley, Gerard O’Callaghan, Jo Kelley, Peter Martin, Helen O’Keeffe, Angela Gilmour, Darn Thorn, Sean Hanrahan


…these traces in themselves do not refer to the past: they are present; and, in so far as I find in them signs of some ‘previous’ event, it is because I derive my sense of the past from elsewhere… 1

There is an ambiguity about the word ‘elsewhere’ – it suggests somewhere else but nowhere in particular; a place as yet unknown or a place that no longer exists. It can also suggest an absence of someone or some thing, or if someone or some thing has come from elsewhere there is an absence of identity, of specificity, in their place of origin. Visual art exhibitions have the ability to harness this sense of ambiguity; even the artworks themselves are often made elsewhere, in a private place that is not usually specified, and then transported to a public arena, which could be many miles away from its place of construction. The artists in this exhibition, however, are exhibiting in sites that are in close proximity to the studios where the work was made. The place of their making to the sites they will be viewed is not so far apart, yet through their investigations of place, transience and the intersections between human activity and nature, they can bring to mind a time long since past, some other place or trace of a memory that is non-specific, allowing the viewer to look for meaning according to some ‘elsewhere’ in their own experiences. And because our sense of place is like an entity that exists in us independent of sensory cues we can feel strong emotional feelings towards, for instance, the places we grew up in or know well. We are, nonetheless, often compelled to feel empathetic to the traces left behind by others in abandoned homes, or a strong sense of curiosity to historic ruins and ancient maps; objects and images represent past and future for us in a way that our fugitive memory often fails.


Here is an article about a recent project I organized
and facilitated in Vitebsk, Belarus, as a part of the Slavianski Bazaar 2016
international cultural festival.
More images and information on this project is to follow soon!
Click on the link below for full article and images.

Странные предметы и необычные призывы


Here is a Clip from Время Art (83 выпуск, 06.08.2016) TV and Radio Company “Vitebsk” “Vremia ART”  of our street performance as part of the Slavianski Bazaar 2016 programme.

It was our total luck and privilege to be supported by the Intuitive Music Orchestra led by Yan Bederman

Thanks also to “EKAPRAEKT” who where proud sponsers of the event and project.

This project is dedicated to Marina Karman and all those who work at the VCCA and Art-Space Tolstogo-7.





Article for Over the Sun (Kazimir Malevich his influence and legacy on Western Artists)

К западу от Солнца

Pravdy 5a Banners

К западу от Солнца


Here is a Link to my Music page on Soundcloud.

Sly Lullaby, short film 2013.


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