I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Cork City, working in printmaking, photography, installation and collaborative practice. My studio practice is based at Backwater Artists Group since 2017, the foremost professional studio facility in Cork City. I have been a full-time member of Cork Printmakers for 15 years, where I have been involved in a number of public and educational projects and with whom I have exhibited with internationally.

My work represents an ongoing interest in creating fine art print work informed by photography. This works emphasis is based on experimenting with the Halftone pixelated process to create Fine Art Print-based portrait and abstract work. I first became familiar with Halftone as a mass printing technique by looking under a magnifying glass at newspaper photographs and 1970s book covers and illustrations. After graduating from college and looking for new means of research, I found myself once again looking at Halftone, this time through passing by everyday low-lying advertising billboards. This close-up physical encounter gave me a new sense of Halftone as a means of visually reproducing imagery. I incorporate the depth of perception that Halftone brings to reproduce imagery in my own work. The Halftone process of printing, which effectively replaced wood- engraving and lithography in the illustration of stories, particularly newspapers and books, is itself becoming redundant by online technology and new methods of printing for media and advertising. My Halftone work is a sort of mediation between art and technology.

My work is concerned with perception of the image as means of communication. Within my work, I use systems of communications (Morse Code, symbolism, colour theory), multiple viewpoints and visual planes to challenge the experience of image consumption. This is achieved by reconfiguring images through digital imaging technologies and manipulating materials, incorporating my photographic and printmaking practice into 3-dimensional materials–wood, textiles and metal.

My practice is process-driven and informed by site-specific research, through travel and personal experience of engaging with social and political concerns. For me this is the core aspect of being an artist – to examine our physical world and society, to interpret, interrogate and disseminate ideas through creative practice.