Frank-Fred, the Horse in two minds. Lino cut on steel, mixed media, music carousel. 2013


In July of 2013 I participated in the International TR5 Residency with Cork Printmakers, Ireland. This Residency and the resulting Exhibition that showcased the result of the 7 participation Artists was part of the Cork Mid Summers festival program. In the accompanying catalogue for the exhibition i wrote my intention for the residency, this statement can be view as a general statement.

“The main objective while under taking the TR5 residency is to realize an idea that i have had for over a year now, which is to create a sculptural/Kinetic art piece that incorporates many elements. These elements will of course include print /prints as a centre piece, most likely linocut on steel. Been a Musician as well as been an Artist i plan to use music as part of the sculptural piece. I mention sculpture, i’ll be more specific in saying that i plan to create a vertical Music Carousel. The main idea behind creating this Carousel is that i want the public/viewer to engage with the piece as opposed to a “work of art” been an object that one can’t touch or is to be held in reverence from a safe distance.”

The work Frank-Fred, the Horse with two minds which is an interactive work that is specifically built for audience/public viewer participation. However, the action to participate is not explicitly stated nor endorsed…it is intended the viewer or viewers enter into action with it out of their own free will. My observations and experience of the action and non-action, created on many different levels an interesting and some times surprising dialogue between Artist and viewer.

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Artist living and working in Cork city Ireland